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MANI SING : I used to love her lyrics

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MANI SING lyrics : "I used to love her"

Verse one - I been Played but emotions kept on getting deeper/
I thought suicide I even called the grim reaper/
tell Me why after that I still didn't Leave her/

I was young i dumb i was stupid/
I felt lonely in this cold hearted world/
so picked up a microphone let my mind unfurl/

man its crazy how love can leave you in the bottom/
I'm lost in the city of darkness like Gotham/

Verse two - I guess not Not I guess I wasn't that important/
Damm im scared Im scared to trust a girl again/
so i got a new lover paper pen/

write my thought down So I don't remember you/
And tell myself why I should never trust them/
Thats how the game goes tell me something I don't know/

Time heals everything as you grow older/
Be a Man You gotta make your Heart Colder
I came a long way passed all my rainy days

im still hurt but the pain will not run away/
you every Somebody so much then faded away/
Cuz the problems the fighting like everyday/

like damm i just wanted to be your man/
but you didn't understand that I had a master plan/
But $#&@ it now im on the road doing show's/

I still think about you everywhere that I go/

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