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MANDA FUMA : Flight 666 lyrics

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MANDA FUMA lyrics : "Flight 666"

Boarding completed!
Cabin crew, close the door.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard
On Xott Air fligh 666
From Marianhaminan lentoasema

To Hell Sinki Vantaa lentoasema.
We are flying with Aerospatiale Concorde
Which is secured with six emergency exits:

Two in the front, two in the rear and two above the wings.
Please, check where the nearest exit is.
Each exit will be clearly marked on floor.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Put your seats in seating position,
Pull up your tray tables

And fasten your seat belts.
To fasten your seat belts
Insert the metal fitting one into the other

And tighten by pulling on the loose end of the strap.
To release your seat belt,
Lift the upper portion of the buckle.

Ladies and gentlemen listen carefully to safety demonstration.
In the case of oxygen loose,

Oxygen mask will fall automatically
From the compartment above your seat.
Put the mask over your mouth and nose

And breath normally.
If you are seated next to somebody
Who needs $$#istance,

Put the mask first to yourself,
Than to the person next to you.
In the case of emergency landing on water,

Each passenger is secured with a life vest
Which is located underneath you seat.
Put the life vest around your head on your arms.

Life vest activates by blowing in the red tubes
Or pulling the red tabs.
Life vest also has a light to attract attention.

Activate the life vest while leaving the plane,
Not earlier.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are expected to be in Hell Sinki in
6 hours and 66 minutes.

There is severe storm ahead of us,
So we are expecting some turbulence.

We would kindly remind you that
Smoking is not allowed on each Xott Air flight.
We would kindly ask you to turn off

Your electric equipment during the flight.

Cabin crew, prepare for takeoff.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to Hell Sinki Vantaa lentoasema.

Local time is 13.30.
Temperature is -6 degrees Centigrade.

Remain seated with your seat belts fasten
Until we approach the gate.

Thank you for flying with Xott Air!

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