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Manchester Orchestra : The Only One lyrics

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Manchester Orchestra lyrics : "The Only One"

I am the only one that thinks I´m going crazy
and I don´t know what to do
and I am the only son of a pastor I know

who does the things I do
but if it was you
I don´t think that it would matter

and if it was true
then I just wouldn´t matter

I was amazed at the color and shapes you do
a paper part for two
I am the only son of a !@$( I know

that knows the !@$( too
because it was you
I called it a different story

but if I was you
I´d make this a simpler story

I bet you did what you did
when you did it
to do it again

by the time you were done with it
I bet you did what you did
when you did

just to tell every friend that you have
that the Lord did it

I finally knew that I simply couldn´t matter
you finally knew that you simply couldn´t matter
I guess that it´s true you never knew

the passive power of the truth
would let me lose
if I could write another phrase

we might be better off this way
but there´s no use

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