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MALLMUSICHATER : Disney is a pedophilia pimp lyrics

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MALLMUSICHATER lyrics : "Disney is a pedophilia pimp"

sardonic dead'n'knights



Black black'nights
Blackest black hunt kites
Black death rites

Raven wing shadiest flights
Cacoblack deepest black jack knives

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday baby
Oh, I love you so
Sixteen candles make a lovely light

But not bright as your eyes tonight

Blow out the candles

Make your wish come true
For I'll be wishing that you love me too

You're only sixteen but you're my carnage dream
You're the ugliest, the stankinist corpse I've ever seen
Sixteen candles stabbing your heart will gleam

Forever and never
For I hate to see ever

You're only sixteen living in a mad man's dream
You're the prettiest, the loveliest corpse I've ever seen
Sixteen candles stabbed in my heart though

Forever and ever mother$#&@er
For I hate you so

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