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MAHER ZAIN : Ramadan lyrics

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MAHER ZAIN lyrics : "Ramadan"

You lift me up high
You spread my wings
And fly me to the sky

I feel so alive
It's like my soul thrives in your light
But how I wish you'd be

Here with me all year around


Ramadan Ramadan,
Ramadanu ya habib
(Ramadan, Ramadan,

Ramadan O beloved)
Ramadan Ramadan
Laytaka dawman qareeb

(Ramadan, Ramadan,
How I wish you were always near)

Love is everywhere
So much peace fills up the air
Ramadan month of the Quran

I feel it inside of me, strengthening my Iman
But how I wish you'd be
Here with me all year around


I just love the way you make me feel
Every time you come around you breathe life into my soul
And I promise that

I'll try throughout the year
To keep your spirit alive
In my heart it never dies

Oh Ramadan!

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