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MACHINAE SUPREMACY : Laser Speed Force lyrics

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MACHINAE SUPREMACY lyrics : "Laser Speed Force"

Strap down and dig your heals in
Prepare to kill them all
You'll pull the trigger when it's due

We need to silence all
And any doubt among us

So that we can do what we need to

Eight tons of armored steel

And any weapon you will need
Now is the time to prove that you are elite
Sun blazing in your back

Defolding space as you attack
Skull fighters on your wing
Now we react

Her song leaves the other side in flight for their lives
Now they are not long for this world

No one leaves, line up for inevitable wipeout
All you've done
Now it's what you deserve

Split second call, heat seeker
One more goes up in flames

A million lights across your view

You have to prove your own worth

To friend and foe alike
This weak display just will not do

They know you from afar
To be the weakest of them all
But that will change when you still stand

As they fall

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