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MåNEGARM : Sons Of War lyrics

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MåNEGARM lyrics : "Sons Of War"

One stormy night
As darkness arrives
We gather along the shore

A final rite
For One-Eyes might
The northstar will guide us tonight

When dawn comes to life
Over northern ground
We leave our hearth and home

Like the ravens flight
In the sea of the sun
We're setting sails to unknown lands

Long proud ships across the sea of Njord
The prow breaks the raging waves

The cold freezing winds tear the sails
We live by our woven fate
Through nights and days

We search our prey
We have come to hunt you down

And before the sunset
We have slain 'em all
They who passes in our way

We stand united
We are the sons of war

A new dawn rising
In the land of the northern star
We stand united

Victory's at hand
We are the sons of war

A new dawn comes to life
Over northern ground
We're setting sails to lands we know

Long proud ships defies the sea of Njord
As we sail for hearth and home

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