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LUPE FIASCO : Dumb It Down lyrics

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LUPE FIASCO lyrics : "Dumb It Down"

(feat. Gemini)

[Verse 1:]

I'm fearless
Now hear this
I'm earless

And I'm peer-less
That means I'm eyeless
Which means I'm tearless

Which means my iris resides where my ears is
Which means I'm blinded
But I'mma find it I can feel it's nearness

But I'mma veer so I don't come near
Like a chicken or a deer
But I remember I'm not a listener or a seer so my windshield smear

Here, you steer, I really shouldn't be behind this, clearly cause my blindness
The windshield is minstrel, the whole grill is roadkill, so trill and so sincere. Yeah, I'm both them there
Took both pills, when a bloke in a trench coat and the locs in the chair had approached him here

And he clear as a ghost, so a biter of the throats in the mirror
The writer of the quotes for the ghosts who supplier of the notes to the living
Riveting is rosy, pockets full of posies, given to the mother of the deceased. Awaken at war, 'til I'm restin' in peace

[Chorus 1:]
You goin' over ^!$$%s' heads Lu (Dumb it down)

They tellin' me that they don't feel you (Dumb it down)
We ain't graduate from school ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
Them big words ain't cool ^!$$% (Dumb it down)

Yeah I heard Mean And Vicious ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
Make a song for the (*##$es ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
We don't care about the weather ^!$$% (Dumb it down)

You'll sell more records if you (Dumb it down)

[Verse 2:]

And I'm mouthless
Which means I'm soundless
Now as far as the hearing, I've found it

It was as far as the distance from an earring to the ground is
But the doorknockers on the ear of a stewardess in a Lear
She fine and she flyin, I feel I'm flying by'em 'cause my mind's on cloud nine and in her mind at the same time

Pimp C the wings on the underground king
Who's also Klingon
To infinity and beyond

Something really stinks, but I Spinks like Leon
Or lying in the desert
I'm flying on Pegasus you're flying on the pheasant

Rider of the white powder, picker of the fire flowers, spit hot fire like Dylon on Chappelle's skit
Yeah, smell it on my unicorn, don't snort the white horse, but toot my own horn (sleep)

[Chorus 2:]
You've been shedding too much light Lu (Dumb it down)
You make'em wanna do right Lu (Dumb it down)

They're getting self-esteem Lu (Dumb it down)
These girls are trying to be queens Lu (Dumb it down)
They're trying to graduate from school Lu (Dumb it down)

They're starting to think that smart is cool Lu (Dumb it down)
They're trying to get up out the hood Lu (Dumb it down)
I'll tell you what you should do (Dumb it down)

[Verse 3:]
And I'm brainless

Which means I'm headless
Like Ichabod Crane is
Or foreplay-less sex is

Which makes me stainless
With no neck left to hang the chain with
Which makes me necklace-less

Like a necklace theft
And I ain't used my headrest yet
They said they need proof like a vestless chest 'bout the best, fair F-F-jet in the nest

Who exudes confidence and excess depth
Even Scuba Steve would find it hard to breathe
Around these leagues

My snorkle is a tuba, Lu the ruler around these seas
Westside Poseidon, Westside beside'em, chest high and rising
Almost touching the knees of stewardess and the pilot

Lucky they make you flowered
Personal floating devices, tricks falling out of my sleeves
David Blaine
Make it rain
You Make a boat

I make a plane
Then, I pull the plug and I make it drain
Until I feel like flowing and filling it up again..(Westside)

[Chorus 3:]

You putting me to sleep ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
That's why you ain't popping in the streets ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
You ain't winning no awards ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
Robots and skateboards ^!$$%? (Dumb it down)
GQ Man Of The Year G? (Dumb it down)

%#@! ain't rocking over here B (Dumb it down)
Won't you talk about your cars ^!$$%? (Dumb it down)
And what the $#&@ is goyard ^!$$% (Dumb it down)
Make it rain for the chicks (Dumb it down)
Pour champagne on a (*##$ (Dumb it down)

What the $#&@ is wrong with you? (Dumb it down)
How can I get on a song with you? (Dumb it down)

[Gemini: talking]
Look B, here's my man, my two way, (hey) uh, what should I - ah here take this (hey) that right there, $#&@ what my boys talk about ^!$$%, (hey) ^!$$% you hot to me, I like you (Dumb it down)

Bishop G, they told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse I ain't dumb down nothing

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