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LUIS FONSI : If Only lyrics

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LUIS FONSI lyrics : "If Only"

As the night begins to fade to just another day
How I long to see your face again
Memories of you and I, now I live another life

That no longer feels like mine

Tell me how I can go on now that you´re gone

All the days seem so long
And the emptiness that my heart knows
Won´t let me go

And if only you could see
What my life has come to be without you´re love

I´m missing you so much
And if only I had tried
To find a way so you were still here with me

It wouldn´t have to be "if only" tonight

I never thought I´d be the one wondering what went wrong

Wondering what I could have done
But now I´m standing all alone with nothing left to lose
I wish that I could show you

What would I do for that chance to take it all back
To try to make our love last

But there´s nothing more for me to give
How can I live?

To take away my pain, to hold you once again
These arms would never let go
If only you could know

If only you could know...

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