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LOVEX : Bleeding lyrics

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LOVEX lyrics : "Bleeding"

Few drops left of my hope
I bleed in the name of faith
Decisions i've made, decisions of fools

Why am i bleeding for you

Missing the one who gave me nothing

The one who dreamed my dreams away

Why am i bleeding in my, bleeding on my soul

Why am i bleeding for you

Flaming pride in your eyes

Out of the ashes i'll build mine
Reason and feelings will never meet in me
Why am i bleeding for you

I couldn't live life like you could
I'm still the one misunderstood

I couldn't be the dream,
The lonely heart to seal your scheme
I couldn't live the life you love


Looking down at the ground to hide
The sorrow drawn on your face
Speaking words from your dreams to disguise

The lies painted in your mind

I'm your pain

You are my hurt
Take me as i am
Believe i am yours

Listening to angels singing to fade
Your screams echoing in my ears

Watching the sun for too long just to
Blind myself from the mirror

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