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Lou Reed lyrics : "I Want To Boogie With You"

Hey, pretty baby
don't you think you might give me a chance
Get it on with me

go down-town for some loving romance
And I know I ain't nothing
I ain't worth but a thin dime

But if you put your heart in my hands
I'm sure that I could change your mind

I wanna boogie with you
Yeah, I wanna boogie with you

There's something, baby, on which your parents
both agree
And that is that they both have a

deep distrust for me
And your best friend Frankie
well, I know, your best friend Frankie, he wants to see me sink

And I don't much blame him for that
he gets so useless after so few drinks, you know, baby

I wanna boogie with you
I wanna boogie with you

Well, I know your little baby sister
she thinks that I'm a flop
Well, I guess that you know that it's true

I spent more time at the bottom than the top
Tell your little sister
I know she wants to give me a whirl

But I don't have the time, baby
to wait till she's grown up, and she's a woman, not a girl

Don't you know, I wanna boogie with you
Hey, I wanna boogie with you
I wanna boogie with you

I wanna boogie with you, yeah

Boogie with you

Down by the corner
We'll be able to, yeah

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