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Lou Reed lyrics : "Ennui"

All the things you said - you thought I was dead
Everything made me feel aware
Ah, you're getting old, you're doing things

You're losing your hair
All the things that you used to believe in
Turned out to be true - you're guilty of reason

You're the kind of person that I could do without
And certain kinds of money would make you see what it's all about

There's a first time for everything
There's a first one's on me, don't you see

All of the things that your old lover said
Look at them, they jump out of windows
And now they're just dead

It's the truth, don't you realize

Faded without any talent of fun

Running out in the streets, balling everyone
It's the truth, It's the truth

Pick up the pieces that make up your life
Maybe some day you'll have a wife and them alimony
Oh, can't you see

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa