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Lou Reed lyrics : "Bottoming Out"

I'm cruising fast on a motorcycle down this winding country road
And I pass the gravel on the foot of the hill
Where last week I fell off

There's still some oil by the old elm tree
And a dead squirrel that I hit
But if I hadn't left, I would've struck you dead

So I took a ride instead

Bottoming out, bottoming out, I'm bottoming out, bottoming out

My doctor says, she hopes I know, how lucky I can be
After all it wasn't my blood, mixed in the dirt that night

And we must really examine this
And I say I need another drink

Bottoming out, ...

I'm tearing down Rt. 80 East, the sun's on my right side

I'm drunk, but my vision's good and I think of my child bride
I aim that bike at the fat pothole beyond that underpass

Bottoming out, ...

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