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LONESTAR lyrics : "Noise"

Everywhere I look lately the only the thing I see
Is some advertisers telling me what I'm supposed to be
At the movies on my radio, on my TV screen

Someone's selling someone's yelling it makes me want to scream

My brain is ringin'

It's getting harder and harder to think through all this . . .


I've gotta get out of this noise
I can't even hear my own voice
It's drivin' me crazy, somebody save me

I've gotta turn down this noise

I need some peace and quiet just one minute to relax

All the information junkies keep distorting all the facts
If you dial this toll free number it's all within your reach
We'll all be rich and skinny while we're dancin' on the beach

The truth is still out there
But it's getting harder and harder to hear through all this . . .

Something keeps telling me

This ain't how it's meant to be

Why can't we stop this noise

We've gotta stop this noise
Somebody save me
I'm drownin' in all this noise

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