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LOGIC : Walk On By lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "Walk On By"

Is it going
Yeah yeah (ite)
So we gon' do this one for like the RattPack and sh*t

Is it recording
Ite, for the real hip-hop motherf*ckers
You know what I'm saying

Yeah yeah, shout out to Bobby, my engineer
It's a nice night in LA
We recording this mixtape and sh*t

Working on the album at the same time
You know what I'm saying
Visionary boy

Yeah yeah uh
Yeah yeah, we 'gon do it for '96

Yeah, we 'gon do it for hip-hop

[Verse 1]

Who would have thought that painting pictures 'bout being broke would get me rich just like dealing [email protected]%!e
Like big brother used to do so we could stay afloat

I heard them guns outside my window, them gangsters would talk
Thought about the life I wanted, picked up the pen and then wrote
While they was firing, you can hear sirens for people dialling and women crying in the phone

I was in the zone, trying to make a living
Heading to work in the morning
Every day felt like I was mourning, as my dream was deceased

Until I quit my job, then my work ethic increased
Elevated to levels I ain't ever seen
Stacking this cream, living the American dream now

I'm going crazy, I ain't slept in days
Dreaming of Michael Jordan money like I slept in J's
Always shouting out my team 'cause I get all the plays

But they the ones that motivate me on depressing days
See I'm from Maryland where cats roll with gats like animation
From the smallest altercation, that can lead determination

With a rapper on every corner, like the rest of the nation
Passing bars back and forth like legal examinations
As a young'n I was running wild

Me and my homies skipping school, puffing on that loud
Doing sh*t just to do it, 'cause we wasn't allowed
I thought I understood the world, but I was still a child

Now when my momma was at home drinking, thinking 'bout the bills
I was dreaming 'bout the mills, running round looking for thrills
I guess this is how it feels when your memory spills onto the page

And paints a picture of another age
Back in west near park, chilling with shorties after dark
'Cause when the sun is down, the police always want us down

'Til we get older and hustle, now they try'na gun us down
We just trying to make a living off what we've been given


Walk on by
Walk on by
Walk on

[Verse 2]
They call me Logic, yeah that's L O G I C

I ain't rocked up in a b*tch, I just write 'bout sh*t I see
'Cause these lyrics set me free, f*ck the world, let me be
And when I feel like I can't write, that's when I hit the MPC

My talent limitless, my time limited so listen up
If you can't see the sh*t I see, you better get your vision up
I'm a king, watch me reign, born to rule my domain

I remain even in stores, they try'na sue me for my name
Sh*t insane, so berzerk, never complained, I just work
Chasing after my dreams like them high school skirts

A young'n, spitting game, try'na get the nut in
Living life to the fullest 'cause them little things ain't nothing
My flow unkillable when I be riddling syllables

Better take my time, slow it down, check the rhyme
Perfectionist to the dime
From the womb to the tomb, I be rapping 'til I'm dying

Doing everything I love, that's the life of a don
Skipping school, sipping liquor, try'na get this money quicker
Bad b*tches, good weed, that's the type of sh*t I need
Lyrics bleed from my mind state, elevate my mind and watch it rise like the crime rate
'Cause sometimes I be high, and sometimes I be low

And sometimes I do sh*t I never though I'd do before
My life is like a movie role that's starring me
Got these women on me
I hit the club with all my homies, and the drinks is on me
At the crib with the shorty that I met at the spot

Pretty eyes, nice lips, Grey Goose what she sips
My hands on her hips, 'til she puts them on her tits
Freak b*tch, want the d*ck, biting on her finger tip
I only f*ck with nice girls, I never do this type of sh*t
I'm thinking 'bout hitting it raw, sh*t I must be wiling out

But that p*ussy wet as hell, I think it's time to end the drought
Then I guess she could be bunning, and that's not what I'm about
So I dipped out, to live another day and die another night
'Cause when I'm gone that ain't go'n be the song that they recite

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