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LOGIC : Tic Tac Toe lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "Tic Tac Toe"

[Hook x2]
I'm 'bout to get it right now
All these mother$#&@ers wonder how

All the pretty girls love the style
And they wonder if he well endowed
On stage tryna feel my dick from the crowd

[Verse 1]
Come on baby girl, tell me what you want, I got what you need

Said she independent, so don't get offended if she leave
I said I won't get offended
I'll just get some Fendi

And repress my emotions and material %#@! that can be a distraction
#[email protected] and money, sometimes I feel the satisfaction
'Til I spend that bread and bust that nut and now I'm back, son

After the damage is done
Rearrange the game and let 'em know your name

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

You know the drill, come on you know the deal
If my shorty acting up, I'll wife swap like Uncle Phil
Moving at the speed of sound, let's slow it down and keep it trill

Yeah we keep it real, kill 'em with kindness and not the steal
Yeah, we livin' it up
You know that this is my everything, I'm never givin' it up

All the time, (yeah we do it)
And now I feel like I wanna keep going, my cards never showing
Don't know what's in hand

I love my fans, but this here girl want me, tell me I'm the man, I know I am
But never acknowledge it
Touring the country, I'm loving these colleges

Touching more #[email protected] than a gynecologist
Study her body like I'm a biologist, with no apology
Baby girl follow me

She got low, blow my kiss of criminology
And she be loving the way I be flowing
And I know that infatuation is growing

If you catch them feelings you better be slowing it down
Cause we both know what happens when that love come around
You feelin' me, I'm feelin' you, I want you to be mine

Maybe one day it will be, but I don't have the time

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Shorty say she love me and she know every word

To every song on every mixtape
"When your album droppin'? Tell me which date
Everything you say to me, I can relate

The fact that we met right here, right now on this night, it must be fate"
Now I'll be damned, time moves so fast
Couple months back, I had a meeting with my last

Reminiscing about love, discussing matters of the past
Looking in them eyes, but I'm thinking 'bout that $$#
I took her for coffee, she took me for granted

Now I show no emotion and my shorty can't stand it
And now you know
I'm on my grind, I keep my exes in line like 'tic tac toe'

And I finally got 'em all about my vision
However, I'm all they see when they turn on the television

[Hook x2]

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