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LOGIC : The Come Up lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "The Come Up"

Now some guys they just hate for no reason, kapish?

$#&@ yo money, $#&@ yo jewelry, $#&@ yo cars
$#&@ all yo (*##$es that you got
It's obsolete, now

All that %#@! ain't fresh no more, $#&@ all that

(Verse 1)

On the real homie, on the real
Tell me how you feel
Everything I spit is gold like I got a grill

Bet you people talking thought I'd sell out once I got a deal
Still me and my team, only difference ? we live in the hills
We living a dream, these (*##$es perpetrating the skills

At the soup kitchen with my mama they giving us meals
I was poor in my adolescence but now I'm getting meals
Come on, tell me how it feels when that brand new record spills

Homie this the come up
I'm from where them drug dealers will run up
But I was never bout that %#@!, I just worked till the sun up

Oh yeah
Claiming that they got it over there
But they never had it over there

Homie this the come up


Came a long way, this the come up
Been a long time coming, it's the come up
Been a long damn time, it's the come up

(Verse 2)
Open your mind, this is work ethic

Ninety-nine percent of you couldn't comprehend the method
Cause you too wrapped up in the money and (*##$es
I get riches but never sacrifice the art

Been real from the start, now break it down
That super-duper-killer flow
All these (*##$es in here make you wanna kill a ho

It's kind of funny how the flow make me sound ignant
But you know the wordplay on another level, isn't it?
I been at it since a young'n on a dolo

Till I got a team and sat by the door in a solo
Bad (*##$es wanna $#&@ me on the low though
Tryna' break the ice she like, ?Can I get a photo??

A long time comin', what you call that?
Shorty blowin' up my phone, I promise to call back
Unless you a crazy $$# (*##$

I'mma tell your $$# to fall back
This the come up


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