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LOGIC : LA Leakers lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "LA Leakers"

I administer sinister verses
And no father to my stow
(*##$ I birth this

The man is like Dennis
From ever land to Venice

Like a chemist in a lab

Ha, my %#@! is complex and you're the tenant

Ey yo who's arm is this
I guess the Slim cut it off at the pharmacist
We murdered an MC and then flee to wherever the Bahamas is

I blew up
So that's just to let y'all know who the Bamas is
'Cause I can see the future like my glass is Nostradamus's

Them these rappers it ain't feelings
Like an orthodontist
It's probably 'cause my skin is white

Come on, be more than honest
I signed the deal with DefJam
'Cause I'm the man

You mother$#&@ers are soldiers and condos

Yeah, my CD behind this

I know that you see that I murder and sin
And it's all up in when I reminisce
My flow is impeccable

Hella , I'm unrecordable
No ain't nobody else on this(x2)

Now let, me slow it down
So you ignorant people hear me
My favorite MC won't get near me

'Cause they fear me
Reveal me
No disrespect

I mean that %#@!'s are silly
I'm merely the second renaissance
That is full of soul love

From up above
Keep up getting the glove
Just in case

Introduce you to Christ like Mace
Sign now
All of you know they logic

Keep the peace
But my brothers keep the peace
In the streets

You gotta capisce!
See that's the life I never wanted but I grew up in
And did a lot of dumb %#@! I'd never do again


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