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LOGIC : Finding Forever (Freestyle) lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "Finding Forever (Freestyle)"

Go, go, go, go
On the count of three, everybody run back to your fantasy
Feel like Iâ??ve been waiting fo ever, for ever ever?

Through any endeavour, whatever my hand on the lever ready to go
Ready to go, yeah ready to go, uh, ready to go, ready to
This the %#@! they never know

Iâ??ve been dealing with (hey) suites and fans talking about Iâ??m straying from my raw roots
Well what if I told you some the music you hearing is actually from years ago
Iâ??m talking long ago

But itâ??s funny how the public ainâ??t perceiving a little
Rumors started and everyone wanna believe that Iâ??d just leave it and go
Leave it and go, leave it and go, leave it and go

(*##$ Iâ??ve been a beast, Iâ??m eating like 10-a-piece
Saw me put your mind to east, keep enemies on a leash
Shout out to the homie Common, I know Iâ??m redoing your %#@!

But you was $#&@ing with the album so Iâ??m sure it ainâ??t a problem
A bit under pressure, nothing can measure
But all these beautiful women around meâ??s such a pleasure

Shout out to the Rattpack
Yâ??all itâ??s looking like September, I know it feel like forever but we all gonâ?? get that together just
Go, go, go, go

Iâ??m writing this record on the back of the tour bus
Seem like every year that pass man thereâ??s been more of us
Me, Lennie, C Dot and 6ix thought it was the four of us

And the homie QuESt, and the homie Jon Bellion
Thatâ??s my â?¦ you know we gotta go in on
On the roll with the fever yeah Iâ??m still on the mic

Did a show, sick as hell, but Iâ??m still alright
You know we on that Wu-Tang, resurrect it with the band
Screaming â??money ainâ??t a thangâ?, Visionary be the gang

When Iâ??m done with the verse just send it to Bobby so the mix great
And when it drops, get the Castro mixtape (If it ever dropsâ?¦ like %#@!!)
[email protected]%&, you know I feel it

All the fans want the album, but you know Iâ??ve gotta kill it first
Hella come up with a mutha$#&@ing killer verse
Rest in peace, man I wish I had a Dilla verse

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