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LOGIC : Backpack lyrics

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LOGIC lyrics : "Backpack"

~Here's Logic (*##$~
~You have interfered with our affairs for the last time~
~whoever did this is a real pro~

I spit fifties and %#@! hundreds
Do %#@! that sun did spontaneously combust

In these (*##$es guts
I get 'em what no need to touch
But they back like dust

Keep 'em close like the toast i crunch
Never the less, i'm never depressed,
I keep feeling supressed

One of the best but need to listen if imma progress
I'm ready to live, i'm ready to die, I'm ready to ride for rap
I said it on the record, now i can't take it back

Stop, i shut it down like a bloodclot
Smoke MC's, like a $#&@in' bumbaclat
Mic, Check, i come to catch wreck

Deaf before the sinus so i'm comin' for yo' neck ah
Pop, MC's like commons
Y'all glass posin' in studs but i'm a diamond

I reckon, you need to listen, i'm never dissin'
Unless your %#@! is wack, i'll beat you into submission
Catch me fishing, 'cause i'm eating for a lifetime

Wisdom in my mind, I'm a star watch me shine
$#&@in' yo (*##$ from behind, record it and hit rewind
I'm nasty, construct rhymes like rhinoplasty

A hip hop statue, rhymes comin' atchu god bless you
When i keep wisdom i'd never stress you, and test you
Unless you a dumb mother$#&@er

*Ight, we gon' get into it like this*

And this is mathematic tactics murder this rap %#@!
Intravenously inject my prophylactics
Inhale my words like a fresh batch of vicks

Sailin' on the black ice 'cus the flow so sick
Wasup, rappers hear the rhyme and slit they wrists up
Do a whole lot of talkin, no rappin' like fistdacuffs

Oh, yeah, turn my headphones up
That's all you sayin' but i'm sprayin' and i can't get enough
Raw, ruggid, and rough, my alter ego mr.tough

I call your bluff, face to face never snuff
I murder you and predicate poetic, or letter %#@!
No mercy, 'cause if i grip the mic they might curse me

Da-vinci flow, 'fore i grip the mic i'll make 'em choke
For a manifested tendants i was rhymin' as an embrio
Livin' in vertigo, half of these $#&@ers don't know

It's Logic, i said it's Logic

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