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Verse 1:
We've known each other for 5 years now,
It started off heavy but you burnt it down,

And we always seem to cross paths...
I fell hard and fast for something different,

And it just became all same old same,
When I heard you'd spoke my name,
In that way.

You think it made you funny, well I did not,
The first time you looked at me, I knew you'd sparked it off.

A little naïve, perhaps a little obsessed,
Though I see you years later, just a friend is missed.

Cause we never meant to be together,
Let's not give it a selective name.

I'd never guess you'd be so clever / Who'd ever guess I'd be so clever
To get the hell out, out of this place.
We were never anything special,

For a month in my 15 year old brain.
And don't let me go and fool you,
I'm so happy that you feel the same.

Verse 2:
So you say you're moving away,

Well guess who has a reason to stay,
To find myself, to get to where I say,
I've been heading.

And you'll probably never cross my mind again,
Let me tell you, I'm honest,

This isn't really a song about you,
A couple memories just thrown into...
When you realise how fast things change,

A whole new head on my shoulders,
I'm just saying it's a whole new stage,
And no one's been left behind.

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