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LINDSEY STIRLING lyrics : "Crystallize Pink Armpits Rap Remix]"

[Verse 1]:
I can see the icy glacier that's surrounding the both of us,
The sound of the violin helps us both relieve our fuss

But I turn around and see that you're not next to me,
Left alone in this cold place, didn't know this was part of your idiosyncrasy.
Desolate isolation, that's all what this is,

Really surprising, like my teacher's last pop quiz.
I don't even remember how all of this started,
'Cause I know we didn't meet in the core of the glacier, even though I'm coldhearted.

The stalactites above remind me of the sharp pain you brought,
Not only to me, but everyone else who was a part of your onslaught.
You're like kryptonite by the way you Crystallize-

People, every time I look inside your crystal eyes.

[Chorus: Lindsey's Violin]

[Verse 2]:
The ice is finally melting and now I can see what's really underneath,

The truth can finally be revealed, take it out, like a sword in its sheath.
I searched for the truth, now it's time to find out-
If it was all worth it, what's it really about...

Turns out that you didn't really love me at all, using me, taking me high just to see me fall
No wonder I felt so enthralled, I thought that we'd be cool, but you burned me with your fireball.
Now I'm sinking deeper into the dark abyss I call my own imagination,

Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream without any cessation.
I keep wishing for these events to finally come to a stop,
But if you keep bringing me down, then how will I ever get to reach the top?

I'm trying to let you go, but my mind clings on to the thought of you.
I want get rid of this ball and chain that oppresses me so I try to push through.
The farther I sink, the father away I go from reality.

However, I feel something inside of me, a source of vitality.
Now I'm back up at the surface, I can finally breathe once more.
The weight is finally off my shoulders like a soldier who just won the war.

I think I'll listen to Adele, close my eyes and count to ten...
Now they're open and I see someone off in the distance, ah damn, it's you again...

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Thanks to maria.01215