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LIMP BIZKIT lyrics : "Fools Game"

I can't
Can't think of %#@!, you're
Blocking my way, you

Cloud on my thoughs, please go away

Oh nevermind, please

Get the $#[email protected] out now
Don't ever come back
I'll never allow back in my life

Playing a fool's game

It's only a fool's game
This is what love is
I've got no clue, I've got no clue

Playing a fool

You're back
Back in my life, I'm
Falling apart, I

Can't think of %#@!, back to the start

Somebody tell me

How this all happened
$#[email protected] all of this %#@!
You in my life doesn't exist


Playing a fool

Tell me you're not

Tell me you're not
Tell me you're not scared


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