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LIMP BIZKIT lyrics : "Douchebag"

One for the tremble.
Two for the bass
Three get ready, let's rock this place!

Jumping out the @@#! pit
On my rock ship

Stocked with the hot %#@!
All you high pitched bushwick bandits
$#[email protected] up

Cause my ship just landed
I'm cracking them bones
Cracking them high-hats

Straight to the dome
With the modified
Flex double feature

Came here to eat ya
After I teach ya
You can never make it

Or escape from my snake pit
Pure venom to eliminate fake %#@!.
Hissin', pissin' blood

Two more fangs in the necks of you lifeless thugs.
No way I'm gonna sit back
I'm gonna cut the chit-chat

Break off your kit kat
Suckers can't seem to get
Then this attack

I'ma showin' up
To take you to your mother$#[email protected]

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