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LIMP BIZKIT lyrics : "Angels"

Looking back
The day you left
Where you been,

I can only guess

... Where I'll be

Some other day
A memory
With all I had to see,

You made the call
You had to stare

It made me turn
I built an island there,

When I dream,
I see your face,

That's when we left
Somewhere in outer-space

First Verse:

You gave the love

You had to spare

Second verse:

"Moving on, without a cause
I hid a tune

And held my own applause

And in the right, and there's a wrong

It's my mistake
I knew it all along

I've been a fool
What's done is done
I can't erase

And I refuse to run

I'm begging you

To please forgive
My heart is true
It's just the way I live

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