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LIL WYTE lyrics : "Suicide"

[Chorus 4x]
suicide suicide
suicide suicide

homicide homicide
homicide homicide

[Verse 1]
runnin outta time losin my mind
hate this place feel like diein

brains steady flyin all over the place
dont wanna live written on my face
gotta get up outta here gotta go

yes i know where im gonna go
hot ice cold where they take souls
satan rule the land been a long road

i bet you wonder why im sayin these things
lost my job got no change
car got stolen bills backin up

kids hungry and im startin to feel the pain
tired of the world tired of groupie girls
brains startin to scream thoughts in this world

if i have to face another hater ima pull out the mother$#[email protected] Mossberg pump
to your dome yea da boy gone
off of the map cap been blown

how ya like me now hatin $$#hole?
my lifes $#[email protected] thats fo sho
if you wanna know yes i tell ya

how it goes yes i tell ya
but you gotta stay tuned to the zone
too hear what happened to the big failure

[Chorus 4x]

[Verse 2]
its the last straw for me to fall
i cant sleep cant see at all

done smoke a pound drank a pint of syrup
mixed 30 rolls with tylonal
bout to fly away out this (*##$

have dreams but i cant get rich
too many problems in my life now to be worried bout stackin chips
moms sick as $#[email protected] dad goin crazy girlfriend sayin we havin another baby

i cant afford the 2 that i got but you know i love them 2 little ladies
thats why it hurt to say goodbye
i cant save it dont know why

people say well you have to try
let the mothersuckers live this lie
popped a hundred pills eyes are closed

heart is pumpin body gettin cold
no cell phone noone knows where im at thats what i want
breathin gettin hard death gettin close

creepin up on the devils back bone
times ran out so has my liquor
holla at you mother$#[email protected] im gone

[Chorus 4x]

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