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LIL WYTE lyrics : "Static Addict"

Yeah, a lot of mother$#[email protected]
Be out here trying to act like
They're so hard and %#@!

But you always got to realize, ^!$$%
You ain't bulletproof
And your body ain't bulletproof

At any given time
You can get your $$# $#[email protected] blown the $#[email protected] off
This mother$#[email protected] place the Earth

So don't never think a ^!$$% ain't watching
I got somebody watching
Yeah, you know what time it is

[Lil Wyte]
I'm a mother$#[email protected]

[Chorus x2]
Static addict, static addict, loco with that automatic

Static addict, static addict, crazy with the gun

Gimme a Glock, gimme a 4-5

And I would be straight
Might make it through the day
But by the night I'd need two AKs

A couple of sets of extra clips
And some ham sandwiches
The po-pos know me

And their used to my shananagans
I run the set, man, causing chaos everywhere
Wanna make a bet, man

I'll have you pulling out your hair
This is a have-to-do job
But on a need-to-know basis

Don't keep your eyeballs on the prize
Don't keep up with the faces
I roll with murderers, robbers

Drug dealers, killers, and rapists
Also an army on the porch
With plenty rockets a'waitin

Come test my patience, fool
And find out how Lil Wyte will react
I'll have these haters, fool

Flopping like some fish on their back
They got me $#[email protected] up
I'm about to load them trucks up

When I get crazy then you
Just might feel some hot stuff
This was not on my agenda

I was just only playing
But since you're testing my gangsta
It's too damn late for praying

[Chorus x2]

Automatic gun fire busting at you hoes
To get my point across
You got raw bullet to your dome

Is what I'm about to toss
Sold me a short sack
Now you about to feel the trauma

Sulfuric acid, so clogged
In a pine box for your momma
What am I about to do

Some says you already know
Bring your family in this? No!
I ain't as cool as you folks

This %#@!s between me and you
But between you and me
I got a feeling it might be all up to G-O-D

And you can talk all of the trash
You want it don't even matter
As long as my album keep selling

My pockets gonna get fatter
I guess the static is because
I am the chosen one

Deadly circumstances come with job
Better have your gun
You might be found bleeding
Seeking for the perpetrator
Something tells me he real far

And you won't find him, player
Quit your crying, (*##$ing
And your whining, hating
Faking, fronting
I'll run your $$# up up off the block

'Cause I'm a mother$#[email protected]

Static addict, static addict, loco with that automatic
Static addict, static addict, crazy with the gun

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