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LIL WYTE lyrics : "Some Other Shit"

[Intro: Project Pat]
Yes sir hypnotized muther$#[email protected] minds my boy Lil Wyte about to put it down for you muther$#[email protected] hoe's just like this it's goin down (*##$ yeah
Lil Wyte (Lil Wyte)

Lil Wyte (Lil Wyte)
Hypnotize minds (Hypnotize minds)
It's goin down

[Chorus 4x]
Who you think you $#[email protected] with

We be on some other %#@!
We be on, we be on, we be, we be on some other %#@!

[Verse 1]
This for them haters gone disrespectful when I see ya
I'm hoppin' out of a black two seata wit a heata and her nicknames Quetta

I got her in the hood yeah I talk a lot of %#@! but she back me up good
For one second don't forget trick I run this Memphis Tennessee we be on some Top Gun %#@!
Fly over your house M-16 and drop a bomb on it

We don't give a $#[email protected] we tryin to take out all your %#@!
And we some Titans Grizzlies and Tigers that Volunteer
To kill ya clean ya in a river throw you on a barbeque grill

So who da $#[email protected] you think your $#[email protected] wit we be on some other %#@!
The stunna out the gutta started the south but watch the $#[email protected] %#@!

[Chorus 4x]

[Verse 2]

I be on some dro and %#@! you be on some blow and %#@!
I'm rockin' shows around the globe and your still on some local %#@!
I can say sumimason kunichiwa can I get some yen?

That's Japanese for 'Excuse me hello can I get some money man?'
Can you do that? I don't think so, so go back to where you from hoe
I get dollars, Euros, Pecos and they come in by the truck load

I make CP you can't see me on these beats or in these streets
Cuz I toke heat and beef is beef and you will leak from head to feet
It's obvious that I'm harder than a majority of your favorite rappers

An underground phenomenal sensation and your papers what I'm after
So drop it off, drop it off (*##$ I got it sawed-off
I run wit a click so quick before you even try to think your $$# gets hauled off

[Chorus 4x]

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