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LIL WYTE lyrics : "My Cutlass"

2 door cut with flippy flop on the paint
looking like a bag of skittles that will make you wan't to faint
eyes @@#!ed $$# drop when pulled up on the set

people scard to touch my car like they might fall in and get wet
I can't keep my whip in sun for so long cause it might melt like a pack
of starburst on a summer day sitting on the shelf

I got to get her out
get her high
take her out for a ride

hopefully tonight I won't commit vehicular homicide
my cutless is clean as a $#[email protected] whistle
Paul, and Juicy both told me I better pack pistols

pistols plural for the one's of those who do not know
I gon let these (*##$es rip the bay and try to take my hoe

[Chorus x2]
2 door cut with flip the flop like (ridin down the street smokin weed getting high)
2 door cut with flip the flop like (woooooooooooo man that fool clean)

cheech and chong up in smoke and dice on mirria
2007 cadalac space age interior

4 Pioners 4 ways across the back dash
4 12's when I come thru I'm gon break glass
and thats just the beginning

I ain't got into the engine
$#[email protected] with gray steerin wheels I'm gripin white pearl pimpin
It's on italian leather just as icey as my soljas

pictured on the white pearl gas pedal belive I told ya
and ain't doja on me when I ride make me a blunt
aint tryin to be nobodys police when I creep the cut

they got enough on me already they don't need my car
If they won't me so bad they can find me standin in my yard

[Chorus x2]

It's time to talk about the muscle in this perfect creation

brand new chevy blocked and it's chromed out it will block conberation
a set of double hard heads shift kit and a kaft
flowed out with a pair of dogs hanging out the $$#

brain gon and my hair blowin doin a buck 4
wow hoe if you in the road
better move yo $$# out the path fast

before yo $$# have to feel
20 inch spinner and 22 hundred pounds of steel
I'm a good driver but can get reckless on purple leana

pedal to the metal might hit ya and never even seen ya
take my word I put 15 G's into these souls
I'm gon flick this (*##$ and figurer out how to drop off 20 more

[Chorus x4]

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