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LIL WYTE lyrics : "Leanin' Off Dat Yurple"

[Chorus 2x]
My moneys like green and my greens like purple
My blue eyes are red cuz I'm leanin off dat Yurple

Yeah, yeah that yurple got my blue eyes red
Yeah that yurple got my blue eyes red

[Verse 1]
I'm leanin on da yurple feelin like Towlie (I'm so high right now)
I love comin to Cali

I woke up this morning and fixed myself a cup of some of that yurple stuff
(What's yurple stuff and how do I go about tryin to get me some)
Well first you gotta go and get two o's of some yellow

Three o's of purple a two liter sprite and mix'em together (thats it?)
That's it yep pour it over some ice In about 15 or 20 minutes you'll be feelin nice
And that's one expensive bottle of sprite can you afford it?

I'll chug it till its all gone then I'll go and get some more of it
If you wash it down with that purple jammy jammy too
You'll slap your mammy and tomorrow you'll be askin' me for more

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
I spend so much money on drugs and clothes
I gotta be high fresh when I walk out the do'

Cuz you know I'm $#[email protected] amazing you can smell when I'm blazin
I'm white as $#[email protected] but my eyes do resemble those of an Asians
I can persuade you to smoke I'm gonna convince you to drink

I'm your conscience on your bad side that don't let you think
We gonna kick this %#@! all night drink yurp till daylight
I work light and play hard and that should be the way of life

I keep my composure I never let it get the best of me
When something is stressin me I know that its god testin me
So I just sit back sip on my yurple and puff on my trees

Take a breath and clear my head of all the things I'm questioning

[Chorus 2x]

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