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LIL WYTE lyrics : "Everybody Gettin Crunk"

yo mamma yo daddy yo greasy greasy grand mammy
man they gettin wild as $#[email protected] era body gettin crunk [x2]

gimme room gimme room quit stepin on my toes [x4]

Yo mamma, yea I seen her butt naked in the front row
Yo daddy, yea I heard he was in vip smokin dro
Yo grand mammy, yea I know she is a groupie from the 70's

Aint no age limit to listen to me and all my melodys
Yo mamma, on the dance floor gettin crunk n' drunk off chris
Yo daddy, so full of beer this is the sixth time that he pissed

Yo grand mammy, man I know shes super buck cuz she feelin me
listin to good ol' boys I guess she stole her grand sons cd
Yo momma, tellin you you need to be more like little wyte

Yo daddy, askin you how your gunna pay your bills and get it right
Yo grand mammy, sittin in the back fillin somthin bumpin knowin its my smokin song
smells something good cookin or could it jus be grandmas bong

Yo momma, on sadder days fliped a benz truck on double dubs
yo daddy, wears white wear camo when he be huntin doves
yo grand mammy, has been smokin sense this cd came out and that ain't all

she swiched all her voloums and replaced all her tylenol


Yo momma, red light head bobing bumpin riddin spinners
Yo daddy, in the seat stayin to the beat gettin super crunk

Yo grand mammy, crunk still but twice buck as both as those up in front
pops with the auto radio puttin some knock in the trunk
Yo momma, wanted spinners for christmas and'll she will probly get em

Yo daddy, also thinks that there pretty cool, so you know hes wit em
yo grand mammy, doesnt give a %#@! as long as she can ride and jus be seen
on the BIlls St. stripin 2 a.m where all the ballers be

Yo momma, calls the cab from wet willys cuz shes on the floor
Yo daddy, sees Mike Tyson and wanted to put a tattoo on his nose
Yo grand mammy, Man I love that woman shes a trip to be around act a clown

she might hit you frist $#[email protected] up after a couple rounds
Yo mamma, she 25, and 16 when she had you
Yo daddy, 25, 24 maybe 22

Yo grand mammy, the reason why she buck cuz shes barly 48
after the age of 23 she had a daughter by mistake


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