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LIL WYTE lyrics : "Acid 2004/5"

[Chorus 1:]
Well I've been tripping for ten hours
On three hits of liquid microdot

(I'm on Acid)
(Man What's this suppose to do to us anyway man?)
Getting Chased around the car

By some midgets in the parking lot.
(I'm on Acid)
(hey, is that midget coming over here?)

Eatting Doritos through a tree,
A million spiders after me.
(I'm on Acid)

(Oh come on, I bet you can't eat just one)
I'm running around having a fit
On myself I'm 'bout to %#@!.

(I'm on acid)
(Man, I gotta get to a toliet Dogg)

[Lil Wyte:]
Could you imagine feeling all confident
All of a sudden your fingers get numb

Please stop freezing what is the season?
Where are we at? and why are we leaving?
Trees are shrinking, turning past the roots,

And roots back into season clouds are changing
Coming at me different directions now I'm freaking.
Toes are raking, body shaking Man I thought

It was some crack Called the fire department
Told them I had a flame up on my back
This is crazy busting (able?) Raisons dancing on

The table There's a horse we gotta horse
Yea we do and I've seen the stable.
Quit your flogging, I ain't flogging Gotta be then who you talking to?

I'm talking to you talking to me listen cause I (f you).
And I have to be kinda smart to even catch that I might
Be tripping but the pimpin', grippin' gotta spit that.

With no expecticy I made a party from a robbery
Accidently kicked and tripped the theif when he had ran by me,
$#[email protected] police we gonna send this district into LSD.

Take this shot of purple micodot You
Will be gone a week

[Chorus 2:]
20/20 vision blurred and can't even feel the syrup
(I'm on Acid) (Man, I can't beleive this stuff is

Stronger then that syrup) I can smoke a pound of
(dro) Drink myself under the floor (I'm on Acid
(I can't even feel none of these beers man

My eyes ain't real) Put the straw up to your nose
Take the blow straight to your dome
(I'm on Acid) (Don't even mess with that snort dogg, I'm trippin')

Your passing on in my front yard throwing up
Off zanex bars (I'm on acid) (Look like you took about
One two many of them pills)

[Lil Wyte:]
Well, I'm wishing I was sober feel the %#@! from

Head to sholders. This ain't even half way over,
It's the part I'm waiting to show ya. Laughing long
Time like Hienas Laugh a long time at (mienas) In the

Can or out the can They still look like a can of
Peanuts I'm the meanest acid taker Down south
Cracker on the mike Chainsaw crankin, gotcha thinking

Good trick gone turned to a fright. Bubble popping,
Traills are watching from across the $#[email protected] room A dog
Came in the den and made a mess, and then

Asked for the broom. Now I'm 'bout to hit the sack cause I
Can't take this %#@! no more relax my mind,
Take a deep breath, and let my head sink in pillow. Take a

Seven hour nap, wake up seven minutes later.
It's the greatest drug the 70's has ever $#[email protected] gave us.
Yes it's major, don't be playing when you drop it, it will hit ya.

If it's gell caps or liquid microdots, yes I'm with ya.
And I'm flipping cross the row Visual contact, Lighting glow
The spaceship I'm flying landed in the bay,

I have to go. By now I'm weak, in some pain
And my bodies feeling drained.

[Chorus 3:]
(I'm on Acid) (Man I feel like a can even walk nomore)

Coming down off of my trip and my skins about to rip
(I'm on Acid) (I can feel my hands hurting) I'll probubly
Sleep till thrusday, and it's only sunday (I'm on Acid)
(I can't wait to hit my bed man) Waking up on that thursday
To have another saturday. (I'm on Acid) (Man, I can't wait

Till I pass some more of that %#@!)

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