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LIL WAYNE lyrics : "Weezy's Ambitions"

[DJ Drama:] (oh yea, you thought we was done? Naw)


Money money money get a dollar and a dick
Weezy Baby that crack, mutha$#[email protected] get a fix
Got money out the $$#, no [email protected]$* but I'm rich

Bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds on my wrist YES
Yep, I'm a mutha$#[email protected] trip
I'ma trip to Japan and buy some brand new %#@!

Nine hundred to a grand, get you twenty eight grams
If you talking 'bout bricks, I'm the interstate man
And the women say damn, them ^!$$%s don't say a damn thing

Boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed-spring
Walkin a thin line, gotta defend mine
And wit no pen I'm sorta like a bomb BOOM

Young tune, yea that's what my people call me
Fifty thousand for the cross, trying keep the reaper off me
I drink a lotta syrup, (*##$es say I'm sleep walkin

Big money for the grill, so I'm never cheap talking, yea
Keep talking and the flame leap off the hip
And keep sparking, pap pap sleep softly

Yea, nap nap, nap sack, three forties
Like $#[email protected] another ^!$$%, ^!$$% just don't be da target
Young New Orleans ^!$$%, ^!$$% just don't be [email protected]$!ed

We done lost everything and you looking like a bargain
Purple weed, purple drink, purple heart sergeant
I'm the best rapper in the game no arguing

And I don't ever write, pause
Un-pause this, so keep ya (*##$ $$# lines inside the margin
Lil Wayne dot com (*##$ log in

Put a pillow under your knees and keep ya jaws in
All in ya girl mouth, use her like a toilet
They usually want a baller and the young ^!$$% balling

Mike Jordan, pardon my swaggie
But my father rich as $#[email protected] and all my brothers left the family
We said $#[email protected] it bought two houses in Miami

I can't wait to do cribs, MTV c'mon get at me
Any rapper wan get at me, tell ya label contact me
Dats a hundred for a feature, wanna battle, I'll beat ya

I'm a beast, I'm a creature, I'm the son of miss cita
Mom dukes, my jeter, she the reason, she the reason
Everybody woman wanna beat a boy diva, not even

There's a 305 diamond I wanted ever since I seen her
Got a topic of this evening, hotter than a tub steaming
Gotcha girlfriend dreaming of one day being Trina

Notta sim seemer, ten ki's in the Beamer
Got a white girl driving, couldn't do it much cleaner
I'm fly in the sky like that mutha$#[email protected] ribbon

(*##$es got my name on em, and the ^!$$% still living
Spend a condo and a club, one bottle won't do
Two bottles won't do, bottles for the whole crew, thanks

And bring me that Patrone, I don't play
No ice I like my drink straight, not gay
And (*##$ that bank come everyday, I'm paid

I wish a ^!$$% come invade, get sprayed
I stomp a ^!$$% out like I got ten legs
Then they fish the ^!$$% up out the lake in ten days

Behave, no ho, I'm on that Rage Rov
Cash Money, Young Money, ho that money age old
And can't a cage hold this animal from Hollygrove

Sorry mommy I be stoned, I be, I be, I be blowed
Got me copy rock star, Weezy Baby $#[email protected] these hoes
Gotta pay me now for me to even take these hos

Price sizing for a show and the flow
So either Drama is my ^!$$%, or that boy got doe
Go figure that's my ^!$$%, that's my ^!$$%, my nerve

If anybody else want it, sixty thousand a verse

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