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LIL MO : I Love Me lyrics

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LIL MO lyrics : "I Love Me"

Trying to think about what feels like
Cause I don't really know what it is
I just don't know where to begin

Tell you what it says to win
I think I'm gonna start right here
Just when I thought to give up

Just when I was about to run away
That's when you've puller up to my heart
And said you want to ride with me

And it was something about you
That seems so different
Something so different

Something that I never felt
Something that I never felt
But now it feels like I've lost myself

Trying to find you
Feels like I'm living the life for you
And now it's time to tell the truth

I love me, oh ooooh, I love me
More than I love you
Yes I do

I love me
Somebody out there knows what I'm talking about
I love me, oh ooooh, I love me

More than I love you

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