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LIL MO : Friends (Those Girls) lyrics

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LIL MO lyrics : "Friends (Those Girls)"

Friends How Many Of Us Really Have Them? Um, Um, Umm, Umm, Hey

[Verse 1:]

I Never Thought I Be Sayin Dis ,But I'll Never Bring Ma Man Around Ma Friends Again Uz Da Main Ones Dat Be Hatin Him Be Same Ones Tryna Get A Piece Of Em,Oh Yes Dey Tell Me Dis And Dey Tell Me Dat I Believe What Dey Da Sayin Den I'm Questioning U,I Figured Everything They Said Behind Ya Back,It Was A Friend Just Tryna Get Next To You.


Those Dem Same Gurls Who Said I Should Leave You,Those Dem Same Gurls Who Said I Don't Need You,Those Dem Gurls Who Said I Better Diss You,Those Dem Same Gurls Who Said I Should Quite You ,Those Dem Same Gurls Who Said I You Be Scemmin ,Those Dem Same Gurls Who Said Dey Caught You Slippin,Now I Get Da Picture,Those Dem Same Gurls Who Wanted To Get Wit Cha

[Verse 2:]

I Guess I Really Thought Dey Were Close To Me,Told Em Everything About You And Me,From Da Sex Ta Da Night When You Come And,Shh,Ta Da Fights We Had In Our Relationship,I Guess Da Was Usein It For Dey Game Becuz Dey Dogged U Out And I Would Do Da Same I Kept Em Close ,And Ma Enemies Far Away I Had It Twisted Cuz I Use To Hear Dem Say,I Can Do Better Den You,I Can Do Better Den,Thats What Dey Use To Say,Every Day(Every Day), All Day(All Day)Yaaaaa,But Now,I Don't Love Em,I Don't Trust Em, I Don't See Em,I Don't Need Em,But I Need You Please Believe Me,I Let Go Of Ma So Called Friends But I Remember When Dey Use To Tell Me


My Suposeably Good Friends, Who Were Suposeably Shadey,Who Hatin On Ma Man, Wanted To Walk In Ma Shoes,Ma Shoes,

Yee, Yeeee, Leave You, I Don't Need You Every Day, All Day, Scemmin, But I Figured Out,They Just Wanted To Get Wit Cha,Those Were Supose To Be My Home Gurls,Yee,Yee,Yee,Those Were Da Same Gurl,Yee,Those Were Da Same Gurls Yee,Yeee,Those Da Same Gurls Who Said I Don't Need You Need You,I Don't Need You Believe Me Believe Meee,Ye,Believe Me,Baby,Baby,Break It Down,Un,Un,Un,Un

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