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LIL MAMA : Rape Attack lyrics

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LIL MAMA lyrics : "Rape Attack"

I went to my mom
I told her that I meet this boy
He was cute

But the only thing was
He was 20
I didn't tell her that

I told her that he
Was 16
So that he was aproved

I asked her can
I go to his house
She anwsered yes

So I went upstairs
To put on my bathing suit
I didn't know why I needed it

I had to sneek out the house with it on
When I got to his house
He asked me have I ever had sex

I said no
He asked did I wont to
I said no

But he did it anyway
I went back home
I didn't say anything

But after 6 mouths
My stoumate got
Bigger, bigger

Hungier, hungier
One day my mom
Asked me what was wrong with me

I said nothing
But she knew
So she dicided

To take me to the doctor
The dotor said
That I was prentant

At a ponit I dicied to tell my mom
I said that the boy I told you
Was 16 is actually 20

I told her that I
Would take good care
Of the baby

When the day can I named
The baby cristy aalinasion wells
And the dad was no where to be

In that was my rape attack

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