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LIL JON and THE EAST SIDE BOYZ : Throw It Up lyrics

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LIL JON and THE EAST SIDE BOYZ lyrics : "Throw It Up"

(feat. Pastor Troy)
[4x]Throw it up Mother $#&@er throw it up

[4x] If you scared to throw it up get the $#&@ out the club

[Lil Jon (Eastside Boyz)]

[2x] Back up (*##$ get the $#&@ out my way
(Aye move the $#&@ back (*##$, Move the $#&@ back)

[2x] What you looking at ^!$$%, what you looking at ^!$$%
(Not me or my click, we too trill my ^!$$%)

[2x] We to deep off in this (*##$, we too deep off in this
(Its more of us than it is in the club stupid (*##$)

Yall ^!$$%s over there (yall ^!$$%s aint %#@!)
Yall hoes over there (yall hoes aint %#@!)

[4x] We run this (what)


[Pastor Troy]

The last ^!$$% is the pastor
Ready to blast ya
You know: I don't play no mother $#&@ing games

DSGB you know the name
Wood grain in the mother $#&@ing Dooley Truck
Got the black and red seats with the Georgia tuft

And I got my helmet hangin out the winda
Ready to bust the head :.of a $#&@ing pretender
^!$$% as soon as I enter

You know im making noise
Pastor Troy and the Eastside Boyz
AK bustin I ride the whole clip

I @@#! that hoe and let it mother $#&@in rip
To sank %#@! is what I live for
$#&@ him, $#&@ her

Im representing
Put some more Yak in my mug
So I can throw it up


[Lil Jon talking]
Ok ok hold the $#&@ up hold the $#&@ up
I'm looking round this (*##$

I see a lot of ^!$$%s aint throwin up %#@! (What)
Ya'll ^!$$%s must be scared to represent yo %#@! (You scared)
You must be scared ^!$$% (Scared)

$#&@ that %#@!
All my real ^!$$%s that proud of they hood
All my real ladies that's proud of they hood

And they aint never been scared
Say this %#@!

(*##$ I aint scared
(*##$ I aint scared

(*##$ I aint scared
I aint scared mother $#&@er

[Pastor Troy]
Im gon represent where Im from
In the back of the club my tommy gun

Though when I chill
$#&@in burn one
Leave up out the club it's me little Jon

Ballin in the Benzes
Switchin up lanes
Talkin much %#@! cause we deep in the game cocaine

All white $#&@in S $#&@ing six
Young $$# ^!$$%s I guess we filthy rich
My whole click ready to bust some heads

Imma throw it up (*##$ and I aint scared
Pastor Troy mother $#&@er
You know the routine
Represent for the home team
Throw it up


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