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LIL JON and THE EAST SIDE BOYZ : Put Yo Hood Up lyrics

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LIL JON and THE EAST SIDE BOYZ lyrics : "Put Yo Hood Up"

Put yo hood up! [4X]
Put yo click up! [4X]

Represent yo' %#@! muthafuuuucka [2X]
Represent yo click muthafuuuucka [2X]

[Verse 1]
Well shake yo' drink up and spray the mutha$#&@in' crowd [2X]
Throw yo' click up and say it mutha$#&@in' loud [2X]

Now drop yo' bows on em' and get buck $$# wild [2X]
You supposed to act up with a black and $#&@in' mild [2X]
Cuz' them eastside ^!$$%s don't give a $#&@

Them westside ^!$$%s is quick to buck
Them northside ^!$$%s will cut you up
And them southside ^!$$%s will put you in a trunk

Now jump jump jump ^!$$%
Stomp stomp stomp ^!$$%

Jump jump jump ^!$$%
Stomp stomp ^!$$%


[Verse 2]

If you scared to throw it up get the $#&@ out the club [2X]
If you don't give a $#&@ then throw that mutha$#&@a up [2X]
I'm wit my ^!$$%s in this (*##$, and you know we $#&@ed up

We clicked up 30 deep and we always strapped up [2X]
Who you wit ^!$$%? Who you wit ^!$$%?

Who you wit get crunk, who you wit ^!$$%? [2X]
Well who run this (*##$? We run this (*##$! [4X]


Aye, check dis out I need all my real ^!$$%s and (*##$es

To look around the mutha$#&@in' club
If you see a ^!$$% and he throwin' up a set and it aint yo'

Or it aint yo' click
I want chall ^!$$%s to tell dem' ^!$$%s like dis
I want you to get up in that mutha$#&@a' face

And do dis %#@!...

[Verse 3]

Hea we go [x6]
Say ^!$$% $#&@ you!
^!$$% $#&@ you [x7]

Cuz' you don't wanna $#&@ wit' me
Cuz my ^!$$%s in the club will heat [2X]


We some eastside ^!$$%s [2X]

We some westside ^!$$%s [2X]
We some northside ^!$$%s [2X]
We some southside ^!$$%s [2X]

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