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LIL JON and THE EAST SIDE BOYZ : Chynalude (Outro) lyrics

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LIL JON and THE EAST SIDE BOYZ lyrics : "Chynalude (Outro)"

(feat. Chyna Whyte)
[Lil Bo - Talking]
Aww yeah ya know it was real hanging out wit y'all

On this here album right
But this mother$#&@er bout over and uh

Time for me to get the hell on
Been in the studio, the mother$#&@ing sun coming up
In this (*##$, mother$#&@er, been in this mother$#&@ing studio

Working hard on this mother$#&@ing album
[Background vocals from Lil' Jon & Big Sam come in]

What up B-leech, [email protected]#$ Sleet as usual in the mother$#&@ing
Kit, all the boys higher den a mother$#&@er

We got Tim over there $#&@ing up %#@!
Ha, ha, but like I said time to get up out this album

Hope y'all enjoyed this mother$#&@er
It was a lot of hard work putting this (*##$ together
Go look out for them, LG's, my girl Chyna Whyte

And who knows what else to mother$#&@ing expect
From the mother$#&@ing BME ya little Biatch

[Chorus x2]
[Chyna Whyte]
It's one time for my soldiers on the front line

Strapped with AKs, and car bombs
With K-nine blood lines
It's one time for my killers on the front line

Strapped P-nines and semi-autos
Actin like it's no tomorrow

[Chyna Whyte]
To survive in this world makes me a soldier
Cause I wear Reeboks, ^!$$% why, cause they colder

Every 3 years I battle my fans thug years
Now I shed tears, ^!$$%, I ain't happy here
Like pot, so I blow herb thinking it'll stop the pain

When I come down I'll still be left with the strain
So I stay high so my eyes can stay dry
And I don't give a $#&@ why

^!$$% I was born to die
In the club head tight off of gin and kiwi
Camouflage and dimes so the ^!$$%s can't see me

Tellin em my name Le-Le or Lisa
Breaking them walls the Visa 9-millimeter
Sha-sha click, @@#! it, rock it

Nothing but the Reeboks and poppin
Nuttin but mother$#&@ing nines and
Bump, bump, you be running like Forrest Gump

Knock you on yo $$# like Humpty Dump
Chyna Whyte leaves ^!$$%s in a slump, serial
Deadly like disease venereal

Game as be RD imperial
Pumpin through your stereo, ^!$$% what you know
Ain't no log when that fo'-fo'

Ejaculate up in your fo' door
(*##$ die slow, lyrical calico
Purple tablets I flow

None want war, Gambino
Emptyin clips, I rips
Motevl I flips

Words comin off the lips like Teflon's hips

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