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LIL FLIP lyrics : "We Ain't Scared"

(feat. Bizzy Bone)


[Chorus: Bizzy Bone - 2x]
We ain't scared, especially if you come up to us

And try to bust and when you think we aint gon' care
We ain't scared, and just because we
Serious, mysterious and curious

[Lil' Flip]
You ^!$$%s acting like hoes, wearing eachother clothes

Bragging about platinum, ^!$$% that's white gold
Fake ^!$$%s talk, and real ^!$$%s hush
Fake ^!$$%s run, and real ^!$$%s bust

Y'all got me $#[email protected] up, I been a street ^!$$%
And when it's cold outside, I bring my heat ^!$$%
Don't beef with me ^!$$%, cause I get down and dirty

I make a call at one o'clock, you gone by one-thirty
^!$$% I ain't scared I pack, infrareds
My enemies like batteries, half of em dead

You heard what I said, I'm down with trigga play
Cause all you see in convicts and killas, where I stay
I know Hump, got my front and Redd, got my back

I know Bizzy, got a tech and I'm coming with a mac
So start riding your wheel, we coming with the steal
And it's a fact, that most ^!$$%s mouth get em killed

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' Flip]
I @@#! and spray, hit you from a block away
We ain't scared, believe me we got a lot to say

And if you see me in the club with a smile on my face
That don't mean %#@! cause I got a nine on my waist
So you can play Superman and get your $$# paralyzed

Cause when it comes to my guns, they all super-sized
You better recognize we ain't Sucka Free for nothing
So when I say I'ma get you, you know I ain't bluffing

Cause ^!$$%s turn into hoes when you pull a gun out
And if I pull a gun out, I'm trying to knock a lung off
Now who the boss, ^!$$% you already know

I got a team of headbusters, where ever I go
And if you got beef let me know I'm ready for war
I got a semi-automatic that'll machete your car

And next time you talk down, I'ma teach you a lesson
So call mama, and tell her she gone need her a reverend, what

[Chorus - 2x]

[Bizzy Bone]

Papi cholo, cops sniffing co-co, my deadly remedies
Like hot topics, hit that body look like frishchami
And that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, telling everybody

Hit the floor, so what in the $#[email protected] you think I came here for
Warrior, ain't no other character, for the love of money yeah
When I'm down in Houston, Texas ^!$$%s are gut playas

Some of these ^!$$%s is dinosaurs abducted like flying saucers
^!$$%s don't think like that, lick it down, on my alters
The most of my grave suite, model mama, put em up now

Daddy use to beat you deeply I stay on my tech with die-yah
Tupac to Bob Marely, my six the holley Halle Berry touching my braids
They ain't giving justice's name killing em black bald and all

Game recognize game, fame recognize fame
^!$$%s they hang, ^!$$%s they bang, ^!$$%s they slang
Pick up your Mac 10 quickly and bring the pain

One in the brain, one in the body it's an everyday thang

[Chorus - 2x]


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