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LIL FLIP lyrics : "We Ain't Scared (Remix)"

(feat. Yung Redd)


Yeah, Lil' Flip, I'm one deep this time
We ain't scared man, how many times I gotta
Tell you ^!$$%s we ain't scared, yeah

We keeping it gangsta (gangsta) believe that
(believe that) popping collars (popping) you know
(you know) yeah (yeah)...

[Lil' Flip]
Look I ain't scared of no ^!$$%, I ain't scared of no hoe

I come to my show, and knock you out on the front row
You on the flo', cops coming
Lil' Flip is standing here, I'm not running

I'm a man ^!$$%, I need ten grand ^!$$%
If you want my verse, put it in my hand ^!$$%
Got a Benz that's blue, got a tan Range Rover

And I like my c.d., to change over
I push Benzes, on 20 inch Lorenzes
Never get out my money, and I never will spend it

I save some, put a little away
Yeah it's a sunny day, but what about the rainy days
Cause when it's a rainy day, I gotta have that re-up

Money my ^!$$%, cause I need my money
It ain't funny, it ain't a joke, it ain't no game
If you play with my change, I put some change on your brain

You feel me mayn, you feel my pain, I need mine
Before I sign a contract, I gotta read mine
I'm just a young ^!$$%, can't be a dumb ^!$$%

I'm so thoed I got game ^!$$%, I can $#[email protected] a nun ^!$$%
I'm Lil' Flip, and the game is perfected
I'm the referee, your $$# just got ejected

I'm the President, you know my residence
I graduated '99, so I'm intelligent
I got a Navigator, I got a calculator

I know these ^!$$%s know, I got that crib with elevators
Spiral chairs, and big ole maze
I got a big Excursion, on big ole Blaze

We chop chop hoes bop bop, back in the days
^!$$%s use to break dance, and pop lock
Now we play hop scotch, but if you play with my money

My ^!$$%, I come and spray or pop blocks
Break ^!$$%s take ^!$$%s, look for the fake ^!$$%s
Step on it so fast, he a cake ^!$$%

A weak ^!$$%, a freak ^!$$%
I got them books, you can call me a geek ^!$$%
Cause I'm a hustla, balla, gangsta, dope dealer

20 inch Sprewells, riding on my 4 wheeler
Just went to Mobilia, just to get mo' scrilla
I got my money, I don't depend on no ^!$$%

Cause if I don't work, then I don't eat
Yeah I graduate, sometimes a ^!$$% had to cheat
I cheated on my hoes, cheated on my tests

But I'm the pimp ^!$$%, I must confess
So pay attention, when I spit my rhymes
Cause Lil' Flip, I'm always shining

Always grinding, time I was telling
^!$$% my pockets swelling

[Yung Redd]
They wanna see something new, well ^!$$% stay tuned
I cruise through, in a all blue H2

Them rims big, so I'm sitting on them shag shoes
The white kids, say the black dude is that cool
I'm such a fool, I should open up a school

And teach some of these dudes, how to ride 22's
Try to figure me out, but you don't have a clue
Just follow my lead, y'all do as I do

Yeah I'm still in your hood, like run down houses
From the burbs to the projects, we got em bouncing
Pass the swisha, I'm with my ^!$$% Flippa

My truck sit higher than heels, on a stripper
You got a heater, better keep it with you
It's $#[email protected] up, blind ^!$$%s can't peep the picture

Plus the fo' fever, guaranteed to leave you
Flat on the pavement, taking your last breather

Yeah, I had to do that for my ^!$$%s

Know I'm saying, everybody
Off the dome, off the brain
I'm all known like a pen to the pad ^!$$%, yea

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