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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Watch Ya"

(feat. Will Lean)

Uh-uh, yeh yeh, mic check

We watchin' y'all watch us
Pay attention man
Gon' take a while for y'all to catch up

Knaw wha I mean?, know how we do it man
well do it

[Lil' Flip]
Things ain't quite like it used to be
A lot of y'all rappers confusin' me

One day you wanna do a track wid me
The next day y'all thinkin' about jackin' me
I pack my heat my ^!$$% I don't play that %#@!

If you see me wid a nine I'ma spray that %#@!
If you reachin' for my chain
I'm reachin' for ya brain

Your Cadillac about to have another red stain
^!$$%z know I got a gat wid fifty
I mean I got a $#[email protected]' track wid fifty

^!$$%z play, but we don't play
When we, get $$# ^!$$% we don't pay
I pray every night, pack K's every night

If the cocaine is tan how the $#[email protected] can it be white
We got it whippin' and shippin' we gettin' bread
My ^!$$% we gettin' head like pistols we packin' lead

We'll bust a ^!$$% never ever trust a ^!$$%
You talkin' all sweet I'ma cuss a ^!$$%
I call ya a (*##$, I slap ya momma

^!$$% I'm vested up, so I'm prepared for the drama
Put yo (*##$ $$# in trauma you layin' up
Hospital bill goin' up and you payin' up

I told ya not to watch Scarface too many times
How you talk %#@! and wasn't packin' too many nines
Yup, you just watchin' from the sidelines

Pay attention to the books and the guidelines
It's my time, it ain't yo time
I need bread before mic check and show time ^!$$%

These promoters wanna act like they broke
When you $#[email protected] wid my money I put my hand on your throat
I slap ya, choke ya, provoke ya, steal ya, kill ya

(*##$ ^!$$% I just don't feel ya

[Will Lean]

Yeh, ^!$$% you know what I'm packin'
I seein' ya team homie I know what ya lackin'
I got dollars ^!$$% $#[email protected] the cents

I paid cash off the lot now I got trucks to rent ^!$$%
And I'm buckin' ya down, while ya weavin' and bobbin'
and duckin' these rounds

We stay on the road, y'all stuck in the town
Will Lean the chemist ^!$$% I ain't $#[email protected]' around
Uh ^!$$%, and I got the Big Shasta

Double wrong ^!$$% we gotta blast ya woah
Cause I'm keepin' it real
In a six hundred wid jimmy, keepin' the steel

Uh ^!$$%, it's the chemist I'm full fledge
Botany big shot ^!$$% takin' off heads
Leavin' ya for dead when I bust the lead

Hit ya in the front takin' off ya dreads woah, ^!$$%
I'm buckin' these shells a ^!$$% like me ain't gon' be
Stuck in the cell (*##$

Everywhere that I go

I got people I know
^!$$%z I used to $#[email protected] wid
We don't kick it no more

When they heard I got dough
^!$$%z started to flock
^!$$%z actin' like (*##$es

So I'm packin' my glock
(The watcher)

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