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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Tonight (Remix)"

[Lil' Flip]
WOOOO, WOOOO! yeah, yeah
this that slow %#@! this for the females(for the ladies)

to let ya'll know what I been goin through
you know I'm still single
I'm just tryna find a chick who ain't no gold digger

(*coughs*) my bad platinum digger you feel me(hah)
it ain't trickin if you got it
but I got it and you ain't gonna get it

(based on a true story peep this)

[Lil' Flip]

I been through a whole lot of %#@!, a whole lot of pain
I've seen ^!$$%z like go down the drain
just because they had a baby mama

but what they didn't know they wasn't prepared for the drama
and they $#[email protected] other ^!$$%z playin games
won't let you see ya child start doin that %#@! that's lame

that ain't right no mo'
she do that %#@! because she say ya'll can't fight no mo'
but damn ya'll got a $#[email protected] child together

think about ya past ya'll got wild together
when ya kid grow up he gon' be like mama where daddy ?
and you gon' be like daddy came with the drama

but the daddy wanna see his son but you playin them games
I see the %#@! all the time they be playin them games
they think we lame because we take care

fix they hair, nails, and give them healthcare
ain't no more welfare they hit the jackpot
you feel me it's like the lottery they hit the jackpot

they get a kid, they get paid, they get a check every month
and you like damn she gotta bet every month
yeah you sending that money but it ain't goin on ya kids

go see how big her house is look what you did!
you could've been together, you could've kept it real
but you tryed to $#[email protected] another hoe and somebody squealed

you wanted to be a mack daddy, a pimp couldn't be faithful
this %#@! almost killed you it made her feel hateful
and that's when a real ^!$$% like me come in the picture

cause I ain't tryna use ya gal I ain't no gold digger

[Lil' Flip]

I ain't tryna use her, ya know what I mean
do somethin for me, I do somethin for you its all gravy
I'm tryna find me a good chick, a down $$# (*##$

ya know, ya know, ya know if you unhappy I'll be ya new papi
alright you can stop it, let 'em here that %#@!

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