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LIL FLIP lyrics : "They Don't Know What The Game Is About"

(feat. They Don't Know What The Game Is About)

[Talking: Lil' Ron]

You betta learn what the game got to offer
Before you try to jump foot first in it

You gotta watch what you do around certain people
Gotta peep yo' surroundings
Watch for snake ^!$$%z, snake (*##$es

Know what I'm sayin...

[Lil' Ron]

A lot of people got crooked ways
Cuz they was broke and they couldnt really make no pay
I knew a dude that worked at the super market

Makin minimum wage, livin poor and starvin
He stopped by my house and told me he was on his $$#
Then he asked, could I afford to front a half

I wasnt worried about him tryna play a ^!$$%
I knew where he stayed, So I go and spray the ^!$$%
I ran in and out and laid down the rules

Made sure he understood everything was cool
After 3 hours he pulled in my drive way
With all my money dog, this musta been a great day

But somethin wasnt right, that was just too quick
I found out this (*##$ was tryna be slick
This lil trick had a mic taped to his chest

So instead I hit him in the head, not the chest

[Chorus x2: Yung Sears]

They dont know what the game about
Got caught up short
Because you tried to save a drought

The streets is hot
Live with yo' eyes and ears
Mouth closed, on ya toes and you wont get killed ^!$$%

[Big Shasta]
Now see life is a big game, Y'all playin to win

Would you risk ya own life if it meant savin ya friend
Would you be a millionaire if you woulda been savin ya ends
Are you really that real ^!$$% that you claimin you been

Would you still act the same to ya friends
even though you made some change
or have you changed now that you havin things

But I know what, I can promise you this
Man, life is too short and ain't promisin %#@!
Look, you never know what tomorrow will bring

Thats why I got this mo' wet to drown my sorrows away
Cuz when tomorrow's today and yesterday is last week
Somebody could blast me

For what reason, Dont ask me
Tryna be flashy, but game run out the respect
Show none, and get that chain snatched off ya neck

But hoe $$# ^!$$%z do hoe $$# %#@!
and hoes dont get whatever, act like ya know that %#@!

[Chorus x2]

[Yung Sears]

It's a shame
But who's to blame
You gotta stack yo change

and try ya best to get paid, yea
And if you dont know what the streets'll do
Stay out of harms way cuz it could happen to you

and you and you or me and the rest of my crew
Just handle your business and do what you do
My mama told me that life is hard

Stay focused, thank God and you'll make it far
But through the pain and scars, I seen it all
But one minute you on top and then you stumble and fall

[Chorus x3]

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