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LIL FLIP lyrics : "The Souf"

(feat. C-Note, D-Red, Big Shasta)


Hey Note, I'm tired of these ^!$$%z stealing our %#@! mayn
D-Red now you know damn well, we started off riding blades
Having the big chains, the diamonds in our grill

I mean, how much can you steal from a ^!$$% mayn
God damn mayn, I'm a Southside ^!$$% till I die ^!$$%
^!$$%z trying to act like Clover Geez, ain't got no money ^!$$%

You see everybody pieced up, cause we ain't broke ^!$$%

[Hook: Big Shasta]

What you know about the South, diamonds up in our mouth
Breaking you boys off, Clover Geez in the house
What you know about the South, steady gripping that grain

^!$$% sipping that drank, getting that money mayn
What you know about the South, get on it
If it's money to be made, then I want it

A lick to be hit, so you know I'm gonna hit it
A dollar to be made, so you know I'm gonna get it

[Lil' Flip:]
You ain't know, I could spit it like this
I hustle on the block, but I can get it like this %#@!

Five hundred ki's, is equivalent to me
I break down the beat, like I break down my weed
I skate down my street, with my K by my feet

To make it in my hood, you gotta pay off police
I stay off the leash, don't play y'all capish
One phone call, and you'll be in the grave with your peeps

Don't run up on me, I wish you would
You ain't welcome to my hood, we still grip the wood
From Herschelwood to Cloverland, to Blue Ridge

We got it locked ^!$$%, you can ask Whoo Kid
^!$$% is you stupid, I'll let the K spray
I'm a king with drama, ask Kay Slay

Spread your lies $#[email protected] boy, go on talk about me
I'm the real deal, ^!$$% you a carby copy



What you know about it, even when it's hot ^!$$% pushing snow up out
The Dirty South got it locked, cause some'ing glow about it
I hit the hottest club spot, and pull a hoe up out it

What you know about it
I'm from the land of the trill, the land of fifth wheels
The land of diamond grills, and them freestyle skills

Be po'ing up that drank, and we po'ing up the paint
And we steady smoking dank, so ^!$$% $#[email protected] what you think
Blowing %#@! that ^!$$%z can't, but ^!$$%z still try to copy

I just keep %#@! real boy, y'all ^!$$%z just sloppy
Tried to steal all my fans, and you almost had em
Till they found out your new %#@!, sound like my old albums

Heard you boys ain't true, wanna be like my whole crew
You even got a lil' DJ, trying to be like Screw
But ^!$$% y'all can't do, what the $#[email protected] my ^!$$%z do

So much ice up on my body, will make a (*##$ ^!$$% blue


It's going down ^!$$%, spray a few rounds ^!$$%

You a clow ^!$$%, D-Red a O.G. ^!$$%
Yeah I know you heard about me, ask around town but your game was sloppy
Ery'body that you talked to, said the real ^!$$% G ^!$$% from the Botany

I'm a Southside rider boy, heavy in the game real rhyming boy
Still thoed digging though what you know, and you know yeah I'm real with the gansta boy
Just spot up at the club, me and my ^!$$%z is showing love

Looking nice on dro, everybody on the real fifty deep all Clovered up
Pieced up let boys know, Botany Boys gon take the do'
Clover Geez gon wreck the show, then after the show we taking all the hoes

Jumping down in the big whips, with big ships with extra clips
^!$$%z only hate but we swell them lips, mad cause we bout to take a playa trip
To the doc boy on the yacht boy, Big Shot boy fat knots boy

Keep up boy you too slow boy, in a minute you gon be a real $#[email protected] boy
We making cash brah, we make it last brah
Clover Geez/Botany Boys, Screwed Up Click brah


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