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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Texas Boyz (Screwed)"

[Lil' Flip]
Howdy partners, welcome to Houston, Texas
The home of the candy paint, the Houston Oilers,

Whoops their gone, and suckafree
[email protected]%&it, get on my V12 motor and vroom, vroom
I like the bling bling of my choppers

I got me a ranch and 4 horse, cause I'm a baller
I'm a Texas boy, you know what I'm talking about

[Verse 1: Redd]

Now what you know about hustlers bumrushing the club doors

Sneaking in with a snub nose and extra drug hoes
Now what you know about us, we make a grill start grinnin'
Any place we go you know we parkin' lot pimpin'

What you know about rindin' on Bentley bikes
And a chain with no ice is an empty site
What you know about Texas we spit this slang

Dirty Southside Redd know how to get this change
What you know about iceberg with snoopy on it
Check out my driveway ^!$$% the Lex coupe be on it

What you know about rappin and platinum plaques
Signed a deal ain't nothin' left after that
Now what you know about [email protected]^%s, yellows and redbones

Especially when they all in your ear like headphones
What you know about rippin' up the microphone
Or hustlin' 'til them red and blue lights come on

Now what you know about thuggin', hanging on street corners
We watch your every move fittin' to creep up on you
Now what you know about the south, we do what we do

Take over dope spots and run with a group


Yeah, What you know about them Texas boyz
V12 motors and Lexus toys

What you know about the dirty south
Baguettes and princess cuts in our mouth
What you know about that candy paint

We smoke top flight and we drink
What you know about the dirty south
You a bad motha...Shhhh, boy shut your mouth

[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]

What you know about acting bad, flossin' prowlers
I got seven dvd's I'm watchin' Austin Powers
What you know about wearin cardier eye glasses

Diamonds in your face just like eye lashes
And what you know about the Astrodome
What you know about a sprint and a prime co phone

What you know about eating fish and gritz
Can I have some toilet paper cause this the %#@!
What you know about having a pretty grill

Blue benz, new fins on pretty wheels
What you know about the Kappa beach party
I got a full tank like a Master P artist

What you know about them ^!$$%z in suckafree
We got Prowlers, Impalas, and Lex bubble jeeps
What you know about, club connections

Or fightin' a case for drug possesion
What you know about the screwed up click
I got ^!$$%z mad at me cause I blew up quick

What u know about rolex invisible set
I got on a big chain, but I got a little neck


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