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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Takeover"

Hey Hump, how much you paid E.S.G.
To get on the H.S.E. album mayn

(I gave that ^!$$% three full cookies, told him
Get his $$# away come back and get a fifty pack)
Hey y'all, E.S.G.. snort cocaine ha-ha-ha

Sucka Free Records, we running this rap %#@!

Humpty-Hump, we running this rap %#@!
R-E double D, we running this rap %#@!
Lil' Ron, we running this rap %#@!

[Lil' Flip]
The take over, yeah the break's over

I'm the God of freestyle, (*##$ I'm from the Clover
And I'm screwed up, did I make myself clear
Now you got me pissed off, so I'ma end your career

I don't care if you swang and bang, you still broke to me
Remember Hump, use to let you snort dope for free
Look you ain't on my level, cause you are lame

You had to run from your gal, so you could do some caine
You went from Perion, Black Heart to Wreckshop
Now you got some tattoos, so you wanna be Pac

You fell from top ten, to not mentioned at all
Face it E, you will never have a plack on your wall
You did Maan with Big Moe, then you left the label

You ain't get %#@!, Big Moe got a Navigator
Matter fact, you had the worst verse on the song
But we all know, you ain't %#@! but a clone

You ain't write Buy the Car, ^!$$% I wrote that hook
But I should of known that day, I couldn't find my notebook
And you are, so laaaame

Damn E.S.G.., tell the truth how long you been in this game
You came out with Ocean of Funk, and Sailin' Da South
Then you went to jail ^!$$%, so you took a loss

Then you returned, with the Living Dead
But wasn't nobody feeling you, your career was dead

Big H.A.W.K., we running this rap %#@!
Po-Yo, we running this rap %#@!

T.J., we running this rap %#@!
Big Moe, we running this rap %#@!
3-2, we running this rap %#@!

Slim Thug, we running this rap %#@!
Scarface, we running this rap %#@!
U.G.K., we running this rap %#@!

[Lil' Flip]
Now you rolling with Slim Thug, cause you done lost your buzz

You ain't %#@!, so you don't get respect in clubs
I took you to get your license, I paid your bills
And don't you think right now, it's time to change your grill

Don't nobody wear crushed, we wearing princess cuts
And didn't you see the new Vibe, I bet that $#[email protected] you up
Scarface said it all, in one paragraph

Now who the Freestyle King, don't make me laugh
Now tell your fans, how you stole raps out my books
Tell your fans, Lil' Flip wrote all your hooks

I'm spectacular, bite your neck like Dracula
^!$$% I wrote it, you ungrateful [email protected]$(
And you are, so laaaame

You almost thirty, and you still broke in this game
You really from Bogalusa, but you claim you Texas
Tell the truth, you ain't never drive a Lexus

And you are, so laaaame
You might sell more records, if you quit screaming mayn
Your style been whack, so now it's time to retire

I thought I made myself clear, to stop stealing my style
And Lil' Flex, you ain't %#@! but a hoe
Don't try to be Yungstar, get your own flow

We all know, that Z-Ro go the hardest
We Screwed Up Click, we gon shine regardless

Sucka Free Records, we running this rap %#@!
Humpty-Hump, we running this rap %#@!
R-E double D, we running this rap %#@!
Lil' Ron, we running this rap %#@!

You fake mother$#[email protected] rappers
Yeah we run this rap %#@!, broke (*##$
No rapping $$# mother$#[email protected], that's jealous

Cause young ^!$$%z got y'alls spots (*##$
Been another ^!$$% play, Freestyle King forever hoe
Sucka Free run this %#@!, fake mother$#[email protected]
Yeah ^!$$%, y'all thought I was gone (*##$
Remember this, don't give a $#[email protected] about Flex

We don't give a $#[email protected] about E.S.G.
Take a dick to your brain (*##$, yeah CEO's for life
Sucka Free run this %#@!, you old Flex
You and that (*##$ Den Den, Den Den I thought
You were a CEO (*##$, you a CE-Hoe

That's why we see your as at the Impact, broke (*##$

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