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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Say It To My Face"

(feat. Z-Ro)

[Lil' Flip:]

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

[Hook x2: Lil' Flip]
Why you actin' like a hoe?
^!$$% say it to my face

You rather rap it in a flow
Why you ain't say it to my face?
Now I know your $$# a hoe

You shoulda said it to my face
Man that ^!$$% gotta go, oh oh!

[Lil' Flip:]
You run your mouth to them hoes (hoes)
Why you ain't say it to my face?

You ain't playin' wit a kid
I'mma put you in yo place
I got ^!$$%s on my team, who ain't scared to catch a case

Catch yo (*##$ while she's shoppin'
And put that pistol by her waist
Push her in your car, then take her to your place

(*##$ where the jewelry at? (yeah, where the safe at?)
Hurry open up the safe
When it comes to gettin' bread, I'm ahead in the race

Infrared to his head, it's just another murder case
The game really over when you see that yellow tape
Pop the Lucky Nites ^!$$%s, let's celebrate

These ^!$$%s love to hate, but I'm aight wit that!
These M-16's will push your whole temple back
^!$$% remember that, I am not a game

I guarantee, y'all ^!$$%s coppin' my chain
Cause y'all jackin' my style, you can't $#[email protected] with my flow (flow)
And she a [email protected]() (*##$, you can't $#[email protected] with my hoe

I'm still pumpin' that dro
I'm still thuggin' fo sho
You hear that knock ^!$$%? Courtesy of Z-Ro

Don't be no hero, just play your part ^!$$%
You beef with me then that mean you ain't smart ^!$$%



Look, a lot of y'all rappers turn up so bold but can't nobody touch me (can't nobody touch me)
But in the real we infiltrate penetrate mutha$#[email protected] (mutha$#[email protected])
So one might get cool wit you just to do your $$# end (your $$# end)

I be openin' up in your whip and it's comin' through your glass in (your glass in)
Whether you standin' in my upper arm from the side of my forearm (forearm)
I can walk without security cause ain't nobody gon' do 'Ro no harm

Before I go $#[email protected] all 'yall, I feel I own ya that much
And if you wonder what it is that makes me act this way ^!$$% that's nuts
We got fat nuts, you know the kind your baby momma like

Anythin' I say behind your back I'm willin' to say it to your face twice
?$#[email protected] Lil' Flip, $#[email protected] Z-Ro, I don't be listenin' to they %#@!?
May the same ones that at our shows recite our lyrics think that they %#@!

I'm just waitin' to hear somebody slander my name in a song
Same day it come out I pull a 2-8 gun out and I'll that (*##$ when I leave your home
Murder ain't crazy, just necessary sometime

I call a 14-40 and then you check out that's when I put my gun down

[Hook x4]

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