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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Real Hip-Hop"

Oh, oh, oh, haha
You know what this is right?

This the real hip hop
None of that watered down %#@! you used to
Rest in peace Big L, rest in peace Big Pun

Rest in peace Left Eye, and rest in peace Aaliyah

[Verse 1]

It ws all a dream, the fancy limousines had me on a paper chase
Back befo' Snoop Dogg beat his murder case
I used to jam Run-D.M.C.

Monie Love, MC Lyte, and Biz Markie
When LL was bad with that gold rope phone
Back when ^!$$%s used beepers now we got mobile phones

Me and my homies used to battle at the park
We had to be back on our street by the time it got dark
We used to wear cross colors now we love Guess

"6 minutes your on" like Dougie E. Fresh
I'm capable, I'm makin dough like Puffy did
But this ain't happen overnight, trust me kid

Now e'rybody wanna spit 16
And live the glamourous life, on the T.V. screen
But it ain't that easy, y'all rappers cheesy

I can't leave rap alone my fans need me


This the real hip hop
(Ay, you know we miss you 'Pac and Biggie)
This the real hip hop

(Ay, when I'm on stage my ^!$$%s rockin with me)
This the real hip hop
(Ay, this time around I need five mics)

This the reall hip hop
(Cause my whole album ain't about ice)

[Verse 2]
Huh, back in the days, Kool Herc was DJin
But nowadays e'rybody instant replayin (damn)

Ain't nobody scratchin now (why?)
Cause e'rybody goin platinum now
I'm a ^!$$% With a Attitude like Cube and them

I got fame when I start $#[email protected] with Screw and them
Freestylin on tapes, for eight minutes straight
Pick a beat, rap to it, get another out the crate

Thanks to hip hop I got a whole lot of cake
I'm like these rappers actin like they move a whole lot of weight
But wait, in my state I'm considered the great

And I refuse to pay for radio play
Rest in peace Justo, we gon miss you dog
I know Jam Master Jay and Screw with you dog

They'll never be a DJ better than y'all
And by the way, rest in peace 'Pac and Biggie Smalls, yeah

[Chorus - 1 1/2]

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