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LIL FLIP lyrics : "R.I.P. Screw"

(feat. Bizzy Bone)


Yeah (yeah, yeah) uh
Lil' Flip, Bizzy Bone
(First Eazy, Houston Texas

Then Pac, then Biggie
And now it's Big Pun
Now DJ Screw, Aaliyah)

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone - 2x]
And even though you gone, your memory lives on

And on yeah, and even though you died
You still my ^!$$%, my ^!$$%, my ^!$$%

[Lil' Flip]
I met Screw in 9-4 at a Fat Pat show
Back when Club Unique, use to be stadium bowl

I walked up to his car with a cassette in my hand
Then I freestyled for him cause this could be my only chance
Me and my partner Jason, we started doing mix tapes

We both smiled cause we knew this could be our big break
Then Screw wrote his number down and said hit him next week
Get your list together, and pick all your beats

Well time went by and my best friend died
Rest in peace Jason dog I wish your $$# was alive
A couple months later, my second cousin passed

So that made me sit down and realize what I had
I dropped "Diamonds In Yo Face" and "Buy The Car, Buy The House"
And Screw saw me at a show and said boy you went off

Two hours later, I was making tapes at his house
And didn't nobody go to sleep until the mics went off

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' Flip]

I'm still on earth, and everything ter-rific
Hold me a spot, so we can reunite and kick it
People don't understand life, but one day you'll get it

But for now you better enjoy your one way ticket
And Screw, I wanna thank you for the help you gave me
We had a relationship like Lil Wayne and Baby

The day you gave me the plack saying Screwed Up Click
The Freestyle King forever is Lit-tle Flip
You let me rip, the mic while you was scratching and mixing

I wasn't trying to run %#@! I just played my position
We stood in the kitchen smoking, laughing and sipping
Getting high, me and you eating a basket of chicken

Before we shot fool you said Flip come get a $$# whipping
I ain't gone lie, Screw could shoot with one hand without missing
I'm on a mission, I'm trying to Screw up the world

Lil' Flip gone hold it down baby that's my word

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' Flip]
Now the last verse, I ain't even got to curse

I'm use to seeing your Impala not you riding in a hearse
You set a trend, that'll never be forgotten
Just imagine Batman if he didn't have Robin

But I learned a lot, and I'm glad I'm in a click
And please believe, I still drop underground hits
I got your name tatted on me with a crown on top

You probably DJ'ing up there for Biggie Smalls and Pac


[Chorus - 2x]

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